Offshore Production

Vertech provides the complete range of inspection, integrity management and specialist brownfield project solutions to the offshore production sector. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality and innovative solutions to even the most complex problems. Our inspections allow our clients to meet statutory obligations whilst providing valuable data to evaluate and monitor the condition of production assets as an enabler for effective and efficient maintenance planning. Our brownfield project teams include multi-disciplinary, high mobility tradesmen who provide intelligent solutions and a best-in-class delivery of technically challenging projects.

Vertech is the leading service provider to the offshore production sector proven by long term contracts for offshore integrity management and repeat engagements by major operators for their most complex projects. These include derrick decommissioning, flare tip replacements, major riser and conductor IRMs, underdeck platform construction & commissioning, and subsea tie back modification projects decommissioning and specialist crane projects to name a few.

Fixed Platform (FP)

A fixed platform consists of a jacket (a tall vertical section made of tubular steel members supported by piles driven into the seabed) with a deck placed on top, providing space for

crew quarters, a drilling rig if required, and production facilities. The fixed platform is viewed as economically feasible for installation in water depths up to 1,500 feet.

  • Asset Integrity Engineering
  • Jacket & Structural inspection
  • Pressure system inspection
  • Remote digital visual inspection
  • Conventional NDT inspection
  • Advanced NDT & robotics
  • Rope Access Maintenance
  • Brownfield modification
  • Specialist & Access services
  • Flare tip maint & replacement

Floating Production System (FPS)

These are semi-submersible unit(s) which can be equipped with both drilling and production equipment. They are anchored in place with wire rope and chain or can be dynamically positioned using rotating thrusters.

Production from the subsea wells is transported to the surface through production risers. The Inpex, Ichthys Explorer CPF is the world’s largest semi-submersible production platform, and the first in Australian waters.

  • Marine Class Structural inspection
  • Pressure System Inspection
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection
  • UAV Survey & Inspection
  • In water UWILD & ROV survey
  • Conventional NDT inspection
  • Advanced NDT & robotics
  • Rope Access Maintenance
  • Specialist & Access Services
  • Marine & Integrity Engineering

Floating Production, Storage & Offloading System (FPSO)

FPSO’s are large tanker type vessels moored to the seafloor. An FPSO is designed to process and stow production from nearby subsea wells and to periodically offload to a smaller shuttle tanker. FPSO’s in Australian waters that are connected to the seabed are under the jurisdiction of the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA).

Current operating FPSO’s in Australian waters include The Okha, Ngujima-Yin, Montara Venture, Pyrenees, Ichthys Venturer and Ningaloo Vision with future projects including Barossa, Scarborough Browse, Buffalo (Re-Development), sunrise and Crux.

  • Special survey management & implementation
  • Pressure System Inspection
  • Remote Digital Visual Inspection
  • Class accredited UAV Inspection
  • In water UWILD & ROV survey
  • Conventional NDT inspection
  • Advanced NDT & robotics
  • Rope Access Maintenance
  • Crop & renew Surveys
  • CSE management and rescue


Asset Integrity Management
Marine Integrity management