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Vertech is a pioneer of industrial rope access solutions in Australia. We imported the first engineered decking systems to the Asia Pacific region and designed and installed the first offshore safety netting and tension netting systems in the region. Vertech is proud to continue driving innovation in specialist access systems, which has reset industry norms.

Being a holistic access provider, we are recognised industry-wide for providing the right access systems for each situation. Our vision is to educate people on the pros and cons of each system to drive safety, cost and time efficiency across the industry.

What is Rope Access

During a decommissioning project, an IRATA rope access technician descended from an offshore derrick structure.

IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) rope access is a specialised technique for working at heights or in difficult-to-reach areas. This method involves skilled technicians using ropes and associated equipment to access and perform tasks in vertical environments. Unlike traditional methods like scaffolding, IRATA rope access offers a more versatile and cost-effective solution for tasks such as maintenance, inspection, and construction in challenging locations. Its benefits include increased efficiency, reduced downtime, enhanced safety, and minimal impact on the surrounding environment. IRATA rope access is widely adopted in various industries, including construction, oil and gas, and maintenance, providing a reliable and flexible approach to high-altitude work.

What is Specialist Access

An image of tension netting installed by Vertech IRATA rope access technicians around the caissons of an offshore platform so that maintenance and inspection can be conducted safely.

Specialist access encompasses a range of advanced techniques and systems designed for challenging construction and maintenance tasks. This approach’s key components are the engineered decking systems, truss booms, tension netting, and modular scaffolding. Engineered decking systems provide secure platforms in complex structures, while truss booms facilitate efficient access to intricate areas. Tension netting offers flexible solutions for containment and access, and modular scaffolding adapts to diverse environments. These methods collectively enhance worker safety, increase project efficiency, and reduce costs by providing tailored solutions for intricate or high-risk scenarios. Specialist access techniques are vital in construction, ensuring that work can be carried out effectively and safely in spaces where traditional methods may prove impractical or hazardous.

Our Specialised Rope Access Services

Three Multi skilled IRATA rope access tradesmen completing a flare tip replacement on an offshore FPSO in Australia
The Karratha gas plant Birth 2 with the Web decking system being installed by vertech rope access riggers and mechanical fitters as part of a detailed inspection and fabric maintenance program.
Rope access technicians conducting internal visual inspections of a silo using the Telescopic Truss boom to ensure 100% coverage of all areas.
IRATA rope access technicians installing a tension netting system on a coastal jetty to complete concrete inspection and remediation.
The APS technitruss access platform system and scaffold access on a coal conveyor to enable inspection, repair and fabric maintenance works in Victoria
An image of APS modular scaffolding that had been pre erected being lifting into place on the Gorgon LNG construction project

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