Vertech was a pioneer of industrial rope access in Australia. We imported the first engineered decking systems to the Asia Pacific region, and designed and installed the first offshore safety netting and tension netting systems in the region. Vertech are proud to continue to be at the forefront of driving innovation in specialist access systems, which has reset industry norms.

Being a holistic access provider, we are recognised industry-wide for providing the right access systems for each situation. Our vision is to educate people on the pros and cons of each system to drive safety, cost and time efficiency across the industry.


Our IRATA rope access service underpins our range of capabilities and packages, ensuring a safe, efficient and economical approach to inspection, testing, maintenance, construction, and decommissioning across multiple sectors.

Today Vertech is one of the largest providers of rope access tradesmen and inspectors’ in Australia and New Zealand. We hold IRATA accreditation as an operator and training provider with one of the best custom-made training facilities in the southern hemisphere.


Our engineered decking system is a lightweight, versatile work platform designed for pipe racks and under-deck areas such as bridges, jetties and helidecks. This dynamic system has been proven globally and is quick to install and remove with minimal wind loadings or contact points, offering up to a 60% time saving compared to scaffolding systems.


Vertech is proud to hold a multi-site exclusivity agreement with Velo Tech Systems Ltd for their V-DECK system.

This truss-based system adds total flexibility as a work platform, removing some of the requirements for long clear runs needed for engineered decking. This innovative system is up to 90% lighter than scaffold, is fully compatible with scaffold, boasts zero contact points, and can be installed up to 80% faster than traditional access systems in optimal scenarios.


For projects not requiring heavy lifting, heavy traffic or encapsulation these rated ultra-lightweight systems can be erected and dismantled at an unprecedented speed in areas where access would otherwise be limited to large scaffolding or decking systems. They are minimally affected by wind or water loading and costs a fraction of other access systems available.


Vertech provides custom work platforms. This approach is especially useful when access is required to tight or unusual geometries (such as offshore platform legs, jetty pylons and flare bridge structures) and is an effective method of engineering out ongoing costs or risks when accessing the work front.


Fall arrest netting designed to ISO standards is an ultra-lightweight, dynamic solution to protect plant, process and people. Where a secondary fall protection method is required, working at height operations are being completed, or work fronts at multiple elevations within the same load path occur, this system is often the solution. Vertech has installed the largest offshore fall arrest netting in Australia, used netting extensively for dropped object prevention for both large and micro level debris, and used these systems on vertical structures to facilitate multiple work fronts both on and offshore across multiple sectors.


The APS Proprietary Access platform system is a multi-functional, modular and engineered access system which provides Heavy loading capabilities while also providing complete flexibility in its installation through a multi-faceted and modular configuration. The in-house APS engineered access platform system has been utilised across the Power generation sector, O&G sector and infrastructure sector including major land marks such as the west gate bridge providing significant cost, time and safety benefits to the customers.


APS has a 1000+ tons of owned Layher Scaffold. Our dedicated in-house Scaffold Design and Engineering team worked on some of the most complex projects across the country. Our highly trained, site scaffold workforce comprises of 60+ core scaffolders with over 100 additional personnel to support projects as required.

Our services go further than engineering and site installation and include scaffold dry hire, stock and inventory control, scaffold sales while also providing customers buy back options to help them optimise project costs.