The chervil fixed platform topsides being lifted off by a crane as part of a Decommissioning project

Chevril Platform Decommissioning

Vertech was engaged by Quadrant Energy to establish a methodology to use their decommissioning services to establish access to the platform via Rope Access, and install temporary access systems and fall protection for future access by Quadrant operations team. The facility was in a very bad state, with extensive corrosion to all structural elements.

The existing access ladders and stairways were critically affected and not usable. The helideck was corroded all the way through in multiple areas. Vertech worked with Quadrant and third-party engineers to design and install replacement access ways.

Multiple new methodologies and technologies were custom designed to complete this project including:

  • Big Shot access system
  • Custom designed temporary access
  • Customised fall protection netting
  • Grid mesh replacement with FRP
  • Minimal equipment and manning footprint
  • Multi-skilled team

The challenge of establishing safe access to a facility with extensive corrosion and unknown structural integrity was one that Vertech did not take lightly. Working closely with the client, Vertech established comprehensive methodologies to ensure that the project could be undertaken safely.Vertech crews established initial access using rope access systems, anchored from the main structure, which was known to be structurally sound. Once initial access was established static fall protection was set up across all work areas. With initial access established, Vertech’s multidisciplined team, consisting of mechanical fitters, riggers and scaffolders worked to make the facility safe for non-rope access personnel.

To do this Vertech installed replacement stairways and ladder systems, replaced grid mesh with fibre re-enforced plastic panels and built a scaffold walkway across the helideck. A key innovation for this scope was the utilisation of fall prevention netting to enclose the platform underneath the helideck. Netting was utilised as a quicker and more cost effective alternative to full handrail replacement.

These works were delivered on schedule with a team of 4, consisting of the following skilled technicians:

These works were delivered on schedule with a team of 4, consisting of the following skilled technicians:
  • IRATA Level 3 team leader/Advanced Rigger
  • IRATA Level 3/Mechanical Fitter/Advanced Rigger
  • 2 x IRATA Advanced Rigger/ Advanced Scaffolders

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Two technicians stand on a small platform in the waters around the chevril platform.
Chevril Decommissioning Case Study
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