Specialist Maintenance, Upgrade & Repair

Underpinned by our holistic range of specialist access systems inspection teams to complete high mobility maintenance, upgrade, repair, or remediation services to operators, asset owners, or tier 1 maintenance partners. Vertech has consistently delivered excellence on some of the most complex implementation projects in the resources sectors in construction, commissioning and operating phases of an asset’s lifecycle.

Through delivering a multi-disciplined and experienced team to complete both the access and the implementation works, our clients receive the full spectrum of safety, cost and efficiency benefits that come with maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to a range of business projects.


Two vertech IRATA rope access technicians scale the structure of the KGP Facility.

Many industries across Western Australia and beyond utilise the processes of maintenance, upgrades and repairs on their equipment. But in the industrial sector, these practices are even more important – making a commitment to upkeep critical.

Vertech Group has extensive knowledge and experience in providing specialist maintenance on a large range of projects across many companies. This allows us to know the best reasons why having such works performed are such a critical element of any industry project and its solutions.


An industrial jetty at the KGP facility.

Performing consistent general maintenance on project equipment is a must for all major companies and their operations. Maintaining equipment to certain standards ensures that processes are performed to a consistent level, keeping projects on time with what was originally established.

It is also important to maintain equipment and facilities so that they don’t deteriorate. Deterioration can cause equipment to fail – or even leave working environments unsafe for workers. Unsafe work conditions can cause a myriad of problems in themselves, so it’s best to make sure everything is up to code.


A vertech IRATA rope access technician attached to a derrick conducting a testing procedure.

Upgrading equipment usually comes at a decent cost – however, these costs are typically quite worth it in the long-term. If the upgrade in question is for a major piece of equipment – or a new location/facility – this can end up leading to more efficient work being done on a project. With smart planning and budgeting, upgrades can provide exponential growth in results, making such upgrades a cost-effective solution in the long term.

Maintenance Services From Vertech

A rope access team on an offshore production platform conducting coating repairs, remediation and passivation on the jacket structure.
Our specialist maintenance, upgrade & repair services include:
  • Mechanical & Pipe Fitting
  • Electrical & Hazardous Areas Inspection
  • Specialist Rigging & Lifting
  • Composite Wrap Application
  • Insulation Installation
  • Coating Remediation & Application
  • High Mobility Welding
  • Specialist Access & Rope Access
  • Confined Space Management & Rescue
  • Flare Tip Repairs
  • Brownfield Commissioning
  • Specialist Access

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