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Lifting Equipment Inspection & Testing Package (V-LIFT)

The V-LIFT Package is a collection of specialist services, systems, and products refined over a decade to provide unparalleled support for cranes and lifting equipment. The V-LIFT Package was first built with efficiency, quality, and compliance with Australian legislation in mind, then refined to maximise cost, time, and safety benefits for our customers. The package has been utilised by major downstream LNG operators, coal seam gas operators, offshore production operators and numerous upstream drilling assets over multi-year terms.

Our dedicated lifting equipment team can provide a turnkey solution or build a package suited to our client’s needs. Ultimately, our goal is to drive safety, cost, and efficiency across your asset while removing the burden and effort of our customer representatives.

Accreditation & Compliance

Vertech is uniquely positioned to cover multiple industry sectors and regions across Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region. It holds the necessary certifications and accreditations to meet national and international standards.

Our people are highly experienced, motivated and multi-skilled, holding LEEA, NDT and IRATA certifications, with many individuals holding API 2C & 2D crane inspection certifications. In addition to these, Vertech holds the ISO 17020 NATA Lifting & Lifted Equipment Inspection accreditation.

Lifting accreditation.
Our lifting package can be adjusted to meet the specific deliverables of each client and can include:
  • NATA Lifting Equipment Inspection
  • NATA Non-Destructive Testing
  • CASA, LR and ABS UAV Remote Inspection Technique
  • DROPS Accredited
  • NATA Pressure System Inspection
  • ABS, DNV, LR, BV Marine Class Accredited Inspection Body
  • IRATA Operator and Trainer
  • ISO 9001, 29001, 14001 and 45001

Lifting Gear Data Management

ViiPER.net is Vertech’s purpose-built online lifting and integrity data management system, combining an easy-to-use interface with powerful functionality. It manages lifting and safety equipment through its full life cycle, recording all data and documents to ensure the facility’s lifting requirements are always fully NATA and AS compliant.

The system is live and includes automated inspection reports and work pack generation, saving up to 80% on reporting and planning time.

Viiper software for lifting gear data management.
Our lifting gear data management includes:
  • Full Traceability & Inspection History
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Live Online Progress Visibility
  • Unlimited Customer Accounts
  • Automated Reporting
  • Automatic Work Pack Generation
  • Manufacturer & Previous Certs Held
  • Unlimited Client Assets/Facility Capable

Lifting Equipment Inspection

Our highly multi-disciplined lifting team provides comprehensive inspection and maintenance services for lifting and hoisting equipment. We are NATA accredited, have an in-house competency program, and give our inspectors additional NDT, LEEA, and API 2c & 2d crane inspection training.

Our team will work with our clients to implement a framework supported by ViiPER to effectively manage the gaps usually encountered in ineffective lifting gear management systems.

Lifting equipment inspection.
Our lifting equipment inspection includes:
  • ISO 17020 NATA Lifting Certified
  • Multi-disciplined Lifting Engineers
  • Complete Lifting Inventory Management
  • Rope Access , NDT & Maintenance Services
  • Site Proof Load Testing
  • Visual & Dimensional Inspections
  • End-to-end Lifting Equipment Management
  • Database & Compliance Management

Dropped Object Management (DROPS)

The potential cost of a dropped object is not just equipment damage or lost production; it is a life! The Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme (DROPS) assists our clients in identifying dropped object risks and conducting corrective actions, such as removing or remediating the potential issue.

Vertech provides comprehensive DROPS surveys and services, including risk ranking, reliable securing options, and a suite of products to mitigate this industry-wide hazard and keep our people safe.

Dropped Object Management (DROPS) Planning.
Our dropped object management includes:
  • Comprehensive DROPS Surveys
  • Area or Module DROPS Sweeps
  • Detailed Risk Ranked DROPS Reports
  • Secondary Retention Campaigns
  • Remediation and Repair of PDO's
  • Reliable Securing Recommendations

Access Management

Vertech was a pioneer of IRATA industrial rope access in Australia. We are an IRATA operator and trainer with a world-class training school in Perth, WA. We imported the first engineered decking systems to the region and designed and installed the first offshore safety netting and tension netting systems.

Being a holistic access provider, we are recognised industry-wide for providing the right access system for each situation. Our vision is to educate people on the pros and cons of each system to drive safety, cost, and time efficiency for our customers.

Rope Access NDT Inspection.
Our access management services include:
  • Rope Access Inspection
  • Rope Access Trades
  • Scaffolding
  • Safety Netting
  • Tension Netting
  • Engineered Decking

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing (NDT) involves detecting and assessing flaws in materials without causing damage. Vertech is certified to ISO 17025 as an NDT inspection body by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). We have approximately 150 multi-skilled NDT and lifting inspection personnel who hold certification.

To ensure our service is consistently high, we complete additional in-house NDT competency assessments, including MPI, DPI, ECI, and UT methods, which are commonly utilised for lifting inspections.

NDT Packages.
Our non-destructive services include:
  • Fixed Lifting Equipment NDT
  • Structural NDT
  • Class Accredited NDT
  • Drill Handing Tool NDT
  • Container & Basket NDT
  • NATA Pressure Equipment NDT

Crane Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Vertech’s multi-skilled offshore teams have extensive experience completing detailed planning, inspection, comprehensive repairs, and ongoing crane maintenance across offshore assets and Mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) in the Asia Pacific region. Our IRATA tradesmen conduct mechanical repairs, sheave replacements, wire rope replacements, greasing, electrical inspection and other routine maintenance tasks on an ongoing basis.

Our API Crane inspectors complete campaign-based inspection and examination by API RP 2D and NDT to ISO 17025 requirements.

Crane inspection, repair and maintenance.
Our crane inspection, repair & maintenance includes:
  • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Steelwork Inspection
  • Structural NDT & Visual Inspection
  • API 2C Inspections
  • Hydraulic Hose Replacements
  • Electrical Inspection & Maintenance
  • Wire Rope Remediation & Replacement
  • Development of Inspection Management Procedures

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