Shutdown & Turnaround Package (V-TAR)

Vertech’s V-TAR Specialist Package provides a comprehensive suite of integrity, inspection, and access services explicitly tailored towards specialist shutdown (SD) or turnaround (TAR) projects.

In the oil & gas, power generation and mining industries, turnarounds (TAR’s) are a critical time in the ongoing operation of a facility. These peak and intense activity periods make it imperative to have the correct planning, the right equipment, and most importantly, the best people.

A well-planned shutdown can positively impact the plant, have it running at capacity, and significantly extend the facility’s operating life.

Vertech believes we are industry leaders in achieving these outcomes.

SD & TAR inspection, upgrade or repair projects can often be a critical step to production recommencing, so delays can cost asset owners millions in lost revenue. Over the last decade, Vertech has refined our pre-planning, pre-mobilisation and work scope assessment processes to ensure every small detail is accounted for and the chance of delay is as small as possible. By ensuring logistics are well organised, our teams arrive on-site armed with everything necessary to deliver the job effectively.

Vertech has completed major shutdown and turnaround projects across Australia and New Zealand

Shutdown & Turnaround Planning

Successful shutdown (SD) or turnaround (TAR) projects require thorough planning and early engagement with the inspection teams, the client’s teams, and other technical specialists needed for the planned activities. Establishing preliminary communication channels ensures a comprehensive and shared understanding of the specifics of the shutdown, such as the prioritised tasks and critical path items.

Regardless of the asset’s condition, our plant inspection and integrity management experience is invaluable to the planning phase, removing assumptions while also reducing the risk of on-site variables.

Vertech’s V-TAR Package has been refined over many major and minor, planned and unplanned projects across Australia and New Zealand. Our V-TAR project planning capabilities include a comprehensive array of project management services to complement the operator’s personnel to ensure safe, efficient, and high-quality implementation.

Vertech Training Centre - NDT, Tanking Inspection, AUV inspection.
Our pre-planning and planning capabilities include:

Turnaround Inspection Services

The Vertech V-TAR Shutdown and Turnaround Package provides our customers with a comprehensive range of high-value high-quality people and inspection technologies to add maximum value to inspections. Key service lines we have invested in include:

Tank Testing Olympus Digital Testing
Storage Tank Inspection (MFL & API 653)
AICIP Pressure Equipment Inspection
Elios 2
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Inspection
Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI)
NDT Rope Access
Rope Access NDT Inspection
Structural Coatings
Structural & Coatings

Turnaround Advanced NDT Inspection

Sonomatic has a proud reputation for providing cutting-edge advanced inspection services to support the safety and integrity requirements of shutdowns and turnarounds across the globe.

In Australia, the Sonomatic team forms the advanced inspection arm of Vertech Group, which means our clients benefit from both companies’ specialist skill sets and services under one cohesive shutdown team.

Pipeline Mapping

Advanced NDT

Sonomatic focuses on executing as much advanced NDT prior to a shutdown as possible; having developed techniques and guidelines for online inspection of pressure vessels, and piping. Due to temperature, insulation, access or other requirements, sometimes advanced inspection must be done during the shutdown. For this, Sonomatic has a dedicated team lead by subject matter experts that can support planning, execution and shutdown decisions for TOFD, Phased Array, Corrosion Mapping or other specialist techniques.

Tube Inspection

Sonomatic have a dedicated tube inspection team lead by experts that can support planning, execution and shutdown decision making. Technology is quickly evolving in the tube inspection space and expertise is needed to ensure the most efficient use of equipment and inspection techniques are utilized. We have one of the largest teams of skilled, dedicated tube inspectors in the APAC region, armed with an extensive fleet of the latest generation equipment and techniques.

Turnaround – Emergency Response & CSE Management

Vertech has provided high-mobility, experienced teams to support and deliver a complete emergency response and confined space entry (CSE) management service for shutdowns and turnarounds across Australia. Our people hold qualifications such as IRATA rope access, confined space entry (CSE), gas test atmosphere, long line breathing apparatus (BA) and advanced first aid certification, leaving our client’s site implementation teams to deliver their shutdown activities with the confidence that they have the best in the industry available to respond in any situation.

Confined Space Rescue & Management
CSE Rescue Training
At Height Rescue and Recovery
Rescue Equipment Supply
Rescue Equipment Supply
Vertech CSE & Rescue Team at impromptu briefing.
Our emergency response and cse management includes:
  • Rescue Stretchers
  • Tripod Rescue Systems
  • Rope Access Rescue Systems
  • Breathing Apparatus
  • First Aid Equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Barriers and Signage
  • Lighting Systems
  • Radio Systems
  • Personal Gas Monitors