An IRATA rope access NDT inspector abseiling as part of the Goodwyn Alpha (GWA) Turnaround

GWA Turnaround

Vertech delivered a 28-day scope of work during the 2021 GWA turnaround, providing a highly skilled and multi-disciplined team to complete the complex task of replacing the exhaust stack and remediating the flare tower’s structure.

The team comprised IRATA rope access, mechanical, rigging, inspection, electrical, coatings and scaffolding personnel. The site-based leadership was the real success factor for effectively and safely delivering this shutdown.

Project Background

The RB211 Exhaust Stack ensures the reliable and safe disposal of high-temperature exhaust to a secure location, eliminating high-temperature medium contact with personnel or a potentially combustible atmosphere.

The exhaust stack on the Export compressor’s power turbine is 20+ years old and no longer meets the original design intent. Cracks have been discovered in some areas of the exhaust stack, allowing hot gases to escape, heating the stack insulation, and causing hot spots on the insulation over the limits specified within Goodwyn’s performance standard.

During the Low-Pressure Train (LPT) Conversion project 2006, the stack was removed for onshore welding repairs to expansion joint and silencer areas, then reinstated with new lagging.

The Exhaust stack is approximately 18 meters high and comprises a weather seal, expansion joint, lagged transition section, silencer section and six exhaust stack sections.

Project Scope of Work

Below view of a vertech IRATA rope access technician carrying out non-destructive testing on a flare tip.

With five weeks’ notice, in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdowns, Vertech were asked to support critical path activities as part of the 2021 Goodwyn Turnaround.

The scope of work included:

  • the Turbine Exhaust Stack Removal and Replacement,
  • fabric maintenance, and
  • inspection scopes on the Goodwyn Alpha Flare tower. 

Delivery of mechanical and inspection scopes was required within a shortened planning phase and a set execution window.

A vertech technician takes a selfie on top of a flare tip on the Goodwyn alpha platform.
Vertech activities to deliver the scope included:
  • Establishment of a project team.
  • Project planning with both Woodside Energy and their EPCM.
  • Project scheduling and close cooperation with the client Integrated Activity Planers (IAP).
  • HAZID Workshops.
  • Project Work packs.
  • Equipment mobilisation.
  • Onshore inspection of materials for the Exhaust Stack in Karratha Supply Base.
  • Resourcing of 18 multi-disciplined personnel during state lockdowns.
  • Project briefings and Hazard discussions.
  • Client-specific Verification of Competency assessments (VOCs).
  • Closeout Reporting.

Ultimately, all scopes of work were completed within the agreed turnaround window and were under budget by $12k.

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Two vertech technicians briefly converse in front of the Goodwyn alpha flare tip.
GWA Turnaround Case Study
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