A Rope access rigging system being installed as part of a training course at our IRATA accredited rope access facility in Osborne park, western Australia

IRATA Training Videos - Basic Knots & Rope Access Gear


These are the basic knots that you will be required know and tie in order to attain the IRATA Level 1 Rope Access Qualification

How To Tie A Of Figure 8 Knot

The most widely used knot in rope access, used on cow’s tail lanyards and the anchor lines.

How To Tie A Of Figure 9 Knot

This knot has an extra turn than the 8 which means it needs more rope to tie and is bulkier. Often used at the anchors.

How To Tie A Stopper Knot

Tied in a similar way to a barrel knot and used close to the tails of the anchor lines to prevent a technician descending off the end of the ropes.

How To Tie An Alpine Butterfly Knot

The ideal knot in mid-line situations for isolating a damaged section of rope or creating a loop to tie into and loading the rope in 3 directions.

How To Tie A Bunnies Ears Knot

A figure 8 with two eyes for load sharing between separate attachments. Often used at the eyebolt anchors.

How To Tie A Barrel Knot

A short knot that holds a carabiner in place. Often used at the end of cow’s tails, it becomes tight when loaded and can be very difficult to release.

How To Tie A Re-threaded Figure of 8 Knot

This video explains how to re-thread the eye of a figure 8 into the harness attachment point.

Rope Access Gear


This video explains the different types of safety helmets.

Harnesses, Carabiners and Cow's Tails

This video explains the different types of Harnesses, Carabiners and Cow’s Tails.

Ascenders, Backups & Descenders

This video explains the different types of Ascenders, Backups & Descenders.