Vertech Group

Vertech Group is an Inspection, Integrity and specialist maintenance provider who underpin our operations with specialist access and rope access to deliver efficiency and safety excellence. As integrity specialists, we pride ourselves on our quality and strongly emphasise supplying high-value, innovative and efficient people to achieve excellence in delivery.


Our Services

Project & Program Management
At Vertech Group, our project and program management service aims to help clients meet the project's specific demands while understanding the scope, quality obligations, time demands, cost boundaries and regulatory requirements.
Marine Class Inspections
Vertech Group is known to provide a best-in-class service when it comes to the statutory inspections of marine structures. By innovating the inspection methodologies, technologies and through our world-class, in-house class team we have delivered safe and effective class services to every FPSO and FSO in Australia, New Zealand as well as services in West Africa, Brazil and Asia.
In-Service Inspection
All engineered equipment has a finite life and deteriorates over time with use. With in-service inspections and inspection engineering, we help companies reduce risk, costs and ultimately keep people and the environment safe while meeting AICIP standards, code, statutory, legislative and regulatory requirements
Specialist Maintenance, Upgrade & Repair
Vertech is a pioneer of industrial rope access within Australia. Our team is ready to complete high mobility maintenance, upgrade, repair and remediation services to operators and asset owners across various industry sectors. To date our specialist teams have worked on some of the most complex greenfield and brownfield projects across the Asia Pacific.
Non-Destructive Testing
Vertech Group provides one of the most comprehensive range of accredited advanced NDT and conventioanal NDT services in the region. Our NDT inspection planning, NDT advisory, and NDT services provide for repeatable and high quality insepction results while ensuring our clients comply with international and Australian standards.
Specialist & Rope Access Services
We are a holistic access provider recognised industry-wide for providing impeccable access systems across various projects. Our vision is to educate people on all intricacies of each system to drive safety, cost and time efficiency.
Tank Testing Services
Above ground bulk storage tanks are assets of strategic and operational importance across all industry sectors. Our experienced API 653 tank inspectors and engineers can evaluate tank inspection data, perform remnant life calculations, design weld repairs, weld procedures and complete comprehensive NDT such as MFL floor scanning.
Remote Digital Visual Inspection
Vertech has one of the largest and most comprehensive RDVI teams and service lines in the southern hemisphere. In addition to conventional RDVI, we apply advanced-RDVI methods focusing on pre-planning and specialist execution packages such as FEED or shutdown planning to deliver high levels of data and results.

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