A vertech API crane inspector conducting rope access inspection on an offshore pedestal mounted crane

Offshore Crane Integrity

Vertech has conducted numerous crane inspection and maintenance tasks on a fixed offshore platform for Chevron Australia over a 3-year term. Through providing multi-disciplined rope accessNDT, mechanical and API inspection teams, we have safely completed NATA, OEM and API-compliant inspections, bolt torque checks, general crane maintenance and preventative maintenance tasks.

High mobility, multi-disciplined teams with strong communication and planning abilities enable an efficient and effective campaign where teams can drop between inspection or maintenance tasks on either East or West cranes so they can be operated so as not to impact deck crew and facility operations.

Example scope of Work

An offshore crane derrick is ready for inspection.

According to the OEM and chevron procedures, Vertech completed detailed inspections on two pedestal-mounted cranes on the Wheatstone offshore platform. Inspection works covered the Superstructure, including the A-frame, lower chords, external stiffeners, internal stiffeners, reinforcement plates, cabin support, detailed bolted and intermediate boom sections, boom head and boom foot trunnion areas. Technicians conducted secondary inspections on the Auxiliary hoist boom, weld boom head and auxiliary hoists.

  • Mandatory Eddy current testing at 14 critical welds of the East and West Liebherr cranes.
  • Close visual inspection of all visible/accessible welds of the critical components.
  • At any locations where indications of weld defects are observed on CVI, Vertech conducted NDT by eddy current (ECI), and if indications were recorded, Magnetic particle inspection was completed.
  • General visual inspection of critical members. The inspection shall report any defects.

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A vertech IRATA rope access technician hangs from the arm of an offshore crane as part of an integrity testing service.