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IRATA Rope Access Training

Vertech has been an official IRATA Member company for both operations and training since October 2008. Our highly experienced rope access trainers have years of industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the IRATA system and requirements.

This industry involvement has enabled our trainers to deliver a high level of quality content that exceeds the requirements of the IRATA training syllabus, as well as a strong understanding of relevant industry practices that a rope access technician will experience firsthand in the field.

Vertech’s trainers are highly competent and well respected in the rope access community due to their diverse industry experience and ability to communicate and transfer their extensive knowledge.

About IRATA Rope Access Training

Rope access is regarded as the safest and most dynamic method of working at heights.

The safe system of work utilises ropes and associated equipment to gain access to and from the work location, and be supported there. Rope access technicians are employed on a wide variety of projects across different sectors and can be seen cleaning windows on high-rise buildings, painting and blasting on oil & gas rigs, or inspecting piping and vessels in refineries and industrial plants.

Its broad application can be applied to a number of trades and tasks with the benefits for businesses being; an unrivalled safety record, quick set-up and dismantling times, no invasive equipment, and an environmentally friendly means of access.

Rope access work is physically demanding and technicians require a high level of competency to ensure safe and efficient use. IRATA rope access training courses are physically intensive and mentally challenging with an emphasis on the practical skills that will be required for rope access work on site.

Candidates on the course will be required to ascend and descend the ropes multiple times a day using associated equipment to progress through manoeuvres, learn climbing techniques and rope to rope transfers. Candidates will also learn safe rigging and rescue procedures, perform rescue techniques and undertake rescues using dummies and live casualties.

The course has an element of theoretical classroom work with most of the training and assessment being focused on practical and physical elements. A reasonable level of fitness is required to attend the course. Males and females of all shapes and sizes have successfully passed the course and are active in the industry with successful careers, however, it is essential to understand that rope access is very physically demanding and is not for everyone.

Feedback on our IRATA rope access training is excellent, with many candidates saying it’s the best course they have done. If this is the industry you are seeking to pursue, we are looking forward to training you in the most dynamic and exciting jobs on Earth.

Our IRATA Training Manager

Simon IRATA training videos.

Simon Thomson is our IRATA Training Manager and brings his extensive knowledge to Vertech. Simon has over 15 years of rope access involvement and with an extensive operational record in the oil and gas sector and other industries where he has rigged ropes from buildings, bridges, wind turbines and cliff face doing a variety of rope access tasks at height.

Simon is an experienced IRATA instructor having trained over 2000 rope access technicians at all IRATA levels and is a certified IRATA assessor who regularly assesses trainees from other IRATA training member companies to ensure the IRATA standard is consistent across the industry.

In the course, Simon will share best practice rope access techniques, ensuring you are trained to the highest standard possible, ready for assessment and qualified to work in the rope access industry.

The training team working under Simon are chosen not only for their competence and experience with rope access but for their passion for the industry and their people skills. We look forward to training you at our world-class facility in Osborne Park.

Our Training Goals

We take training very seriously, using it as a tool to assess the quality of new starters, upskill our current team members and ensure that new entrants to the IRATA method of rope access get the best and most practical experience possible.

Our instructors strive for excellence with quality training being our highest priority. We aim to have word of mouth driving our business by producing quality rope access technicians.

During the week our instructors will provide full demonstrations so you can see us do it first. We explain what we are doing and why using whiteboards to help break down the rope access techniques covered. For experienced rope access technicians, we place a greater emphasis on technical demonstrations and in-depth discussions to foster conceptual understanding so our trainees can transfer this knowledge into new situations.

Our Rope Access Training Venue

Vertech has placed great emphasis on the design of our training facility resulting in the development of one of the largest and best IRATA training facilities in the southern hemisphere.

Due to our in-depth industry knowledge, we have developed a unique training environment with plenty of space and tonnes of steel-work that closely replicates the working environment and offers real-life scenarios and rescue operations to challenge the new entry and seasoned professional.

Our facility has multiple setups for each rope access manoeuvre so there will be no delays in having a go! We have several steel platforms, over the edge and under-deck scenarios. Ropes are hanging in free space and against structures, we even have a crane boom to navigate your way through and rig from!

There is a dedicated hauling and lowering area with two rescue dummies available and a further six rope access rescue dummies hoping to be rescued from the wide variety of situations they find themselves in!

Booking Information

Rope access training courses are very practical and intensive. Key skills are taught in a group setting.

Our courses typically have 6-8 candidates on the course with two IRATA instructors to ensure safety and sufficient attention for each person on the course. The course has a small amount of PowerPoint classroom work with the vast majority of the course conducted on the training floor at height and actually performing the rope access tasks.

This is a physically intensive and mentally demanding course and job. Expect to be working hard and sweating.

Throughout the year we will be running courses for all levels of IRATA, from Level 1 (entry-level rope access) through to Level 3 (rope access safety supervisor). The price is the same for any IRATA level and we have special loyalty bonuses for our trainees seeking refresher training or upgrading courses.

In addition to the IRATA syllabus we run refresher training days, technical days, site mock, and trials. For companies looking at up-skilling their team or custom training courses, we can facilitate corporate bookings for groups where we can incorporate company-specific procedures, requirements, and scenarios. We look forward to seeing you at the facility.

Terms & Conditions

Our courses are normally run Monday to Friday with limited availability. Courses are paid for in full prior to the start of the course using our online booking store, through bank transfer or purchase order for company bookings. Candidates are required to attend for the whole week and cannot split a course across several weeks.

We understand that circumstances change and this may mean you can’t attend the training.

Where a candidate has to apply for a date change a credit will be issued which will be valid for a one year period. Rebooking is subject to availability.

Existing IRATA rope access technicians must present their IRATA logbook to the instructors on the first day of training before the course starts. The logbook shall be correctly maintained and up to date.

  • 5 + Business Days: 100% Credit note;
  • 2 – 4 Business Days: 50% Credit note. (Where the vacancy can be filled at short notice 100% will be credited);
  • Should a participant fail to attend on the day of the course without notice, course fees will be forfeited;
  • No refund will be offered in the event a participant decides she or he no longer wishes to complete full course;
  • 1 Business Day notice: forfeit all course fees.
  • Refund of course fees will only be offered under extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of Vertech;
  • The above conditions are valid for one date change. Subsequent date changes will incur an administration fee of $50;
  • The Course Instructor is permitted to withdraw any participant from the course if they have any concerns in regards to health or safety.

Contact Training Department

For rope access training enquires email us at or give us a ring on +61 8 6168 7600.

We might be running a course but will respond to your message as soon as possible. You can also drop in to discuss our rope access courses at our office and training facility at 19 Walters Drive, Osborne Park, Western Australia.

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