A view from the to of the Goodwyn Alpha (GWA) offshore production platform during the GWA flare remediation project.

GWA Flare Structure Remediation

The Goodwyn Alpha Life Extension (GLE) project is an ongoing project to extend the life of the Goodwyn platform, its associated wells, risers and subsea infrastructure until its end of economic life. The object of the project is to extend design life by a further 12- 18 years from 2025 to realise the production of existing reservoirs and the upcoming Greater Western Flank development.

The Goodwyn Alpha Flare Tip is a Safety Critical Element responsible for ensuring the safe disposal of gas and liquid hydrocarbons. As part of the GLE project, the platform’s HP/LP flare tip was due to be replaced in 2018. Historically the flare tip was replaced was in 1998 (with a 10-year design life).

A designed flare tip handling package and rope access rigging and lifting services were used to remove and replace the Flare tip located 160m above the sea level and 120m above the deck on vertically designed flare tower.

Through Vertech’s success in the past with technically challenging projects, we were once again asked to work closely with Woodside’s EPCM to ensure both the Flare Tip replacement and remediation works on the Flare Tower were completed safely and without incident during a challenging shutdown window.

A vertech IRATA Rope Access Technician hangs suspended from the side of an FPSO, water visible below.
Key Services
  • Constructability Development
  • Project Planning
  • Risk Engineering Collaboration & Consultation
  • Safe Work Methodology Development
  • Rescue Scenario Development and Testing
  • Rigging Plans
  • NDT Competency Assessment
  • Mechanical Fitting & Flange Management Competencies
  • EEHA Electrical Inspection Trade
  • Procurement and Logistics

Rope Access Solution

It was established early in the project that only Vertech rope access personnel would have access to the tower. Vertech personnel were required to be competent in the operation and fault finding of the 14t bespoke electric and hydraulic operating system so that in the event of system shutdown rope access personnel could ensure project success.

The pre-shut down access to flare tower (lower levels), presented a unique challenge due to the potential radiant heat exposure
in the event of facility blowdown. Vertech provided equipment, a safe means of access and an emergency escape plan specifically
for this eventuality. This access for setup of equipment and tooling at lower levels of the flare tower ultimately provided an efficient lead-in to the shutdown scope of work.

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A vertech IRATA Rope Access Technician hangs suspended from the side of an FPSO, water visible below.
GWA Flare Structure Remediation Case Study
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