INPEX ICTHYS 2021 Turnaround Planning & Executions.

INPEX Ichthys 2021 Turnaround Planning & Executions

Works carried out over two years included a detailed review and analysis of every item of equipment scheduled for internal inspection of pressure equipment to determine suitability, coverage and applicable inspection tooling.

During the planning phase, an execution strategy was developed for remote visual inspection, allowing Vertech to deliver the required inspections during the plant’s shutdown period.

Vertech supplied all RDVI teams for all three facilities (ILNG Onshore, FPSO, and CPF offshore). The RDVI teams collaborated with other inspection service personnel to achieve INPEX inspection goals.

We believe this to be the largest known turnaround in the southern hemisphere.

Remote Digital & Robotic Inspection

Vertech once again deployed one of the largest RDVI inspections in the southern hemisphere. On the ILNG plant alone, we successfully and safely delivered 66 pressure vessel inspections using the latest generation of camera and crawler systems with proprietary and custom-made tooling. An additional 186 inspections were completed in the Fin fan areas, including Inlet & outlet header boxes, Selected Tubes and return end header boxes. Our RDVI services and inspections meant that 252 manned confined space entries weren’t required, saving time, effort, and cost.

ILNG Inspection & Access Services

A worker wearing bright orange protective clothing and a white helmet is focused on carrying out a remote digital visual inspection (RDVI). He uses a long piece of equipment on a complex assembly of pipes and machinery surrounded by metal scaffolding. The setting suggests maintenance work in progress, highlighting the routine hands-on tasks essential for operational safety and efficiency in an industrial environment.

Vertech provided 43 IRATA multi-skilled multi-skilled tradesmen, 15 AICIP in-service inspections, and several NDT and rope access supervisor roles across the shutdown. The scopes included;

  • Provision of the sites ERT teams for all working at height and CSE.
  • Rope Access Trades for the Frame 7 Turbine Change
  • 15 AICIP & API 510/570 Plant Inspectors for Inspection of Pressure Equipment
  • Rope Access Trades –Ad Hoc rope access support to the shutdown.
  • Remote robotic inspection team and crawlers
  • Remote digital visual inspection teams and camera systems

Offshore CFP & FPSO

A team of Vertech technicians are gathered around on the deck of the ICHTHYS Venturer FPSO.

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A Vertech technician stands at the end of a metal grate galley on the Ichthys Venturer FPSO.