Our tank testing team conducting Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) and API 653 storage tank inspections in QLD

Tank Testing Services

Vertech understands that bulk storage tanks are assets of both strategic and operational importance for companies across a large range of industry sectors. Our specialised range of storage tank inspection services assists our customers in maintaining their tank inspection activities, maintenance and repair schedules to ensure maximum availability while complying with Australian Standards and EPA requirements.

Our clients benefit from our team of experienced API-653 tank inspectors and engineers who can evaluate the inspection data, perform remnant life calculations, design weld repairs and prepare weld procedures.

API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspectors must have a broad knowledge base and receive periodic training for proper storage tank testing procedures.

From our years of experience in the repair and inspection of above-ground storage tanks, we know that every storage tank is different and have their own unique factors to consider.

Tank Testing By Vertech Group

There are many different variables that come into play when designing a repair procedure such as the specific gravity of the stored product, the age of the storage tank, the construction material that was used etc. and that’s why we prepare our repair documents and procedures according to API-650 & API-653 requirements.

We also tailor our repair procedures specifically to suit your needs based on your industry’s operational requirements.

Storage Tank Testing service vehicle as part of an API653 Tank inspction campaign
Our tank testing services include:

Welding & Materials Engineering

Vertech is of the firm belief that a properly produced weld should be as strong as the materials that it is used to join. Just as importantly, welding procedures that identify parameters, sequences and essential variables need to be prepared and followed precisely or the welded joint can become the weakest part of the structure or component.

In many cases, welding procedures must be tailored to a specific situation.

Instances like welding new materials to the older materials that have been in service are often a challenge, but our team of experts can provide a carefully planned solution.

Our highly experienced welding and materials engineers provide various types of welding procedure qualifications that support procedure qualification records. These documents are produced for clients in many different industries such as oil & gas maritime and mining.

Welding engineering for tank testing.
Our welding & materials engineering services include:
  • End to end project and program management.
  • Detailed Inspection analysis.
  • Bespoke repair procedures.
  • Procedure qualification development.
  • Welder qualification.
  • Expert code interpretation.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Root cause analysis.
  • Materials selection expertise.
  • API-650 & API-653 specialised reports.
  • Composite wrap repair plans.
  • High mobility site welding services.


Phased array Advanced NDT on a pressure vessel offshore
Tank testing pressure vessel inspections with non intrusive insepction (NII)
RDVI / RVI robotic and remote tanking testing.

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