A multi-disciplined team conducting rope access inspection and coating remediation on a bridge in the infrastructure sector.


Vertech Group is comprised of a diverse portfolio of specialist companies, including Infrastructure and construction specialists APS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, 3D Modelling and Data management specialists AUAV, Geotechnical and Civil Specialists Abseil Access and Subsea and in-water Mini ROV inspection provider Geo Oceans. Our group companies perfectly complement Vertech’s Inspection, integrity, Rope, and Specialist Access core service lines.

Vertech Group’s comprehensive range of services and innovative approach to project delivery enables us to service the infrastructure sector effectively and efficiently. Vertech’s multidisciplinary technicians, highly mobile teams, and unique technologies and systems can deliver significant time and cost savings to our clients while delivering HSEQ excellence.

Transport Infrastructure

Vertech understands that the Australian transport infrastructure is critical to our everyday lives. Our transport networks are vital to our collective economy, productivity, and the quality and cost of living for every Australian. Vertech, APS, AUAV, and Abseil Access specialist teams focus on high-quality, efficient, and safe services to minimise disruption and save costs.

The group transport infrastructure services suite includes support for new infrastructure (roads, bridges, rail, and tunnels) and maintenance or upgrade of existing transport infrastructure across the country.

The APS designed, engineered and fabricated technitruss system installed on a major bridge in NSW. Rope access riggers completed the installation from barges for the overwater sections
Our principal services include:

Marine Infrastructure

International trade is integral to Australia’s economy, especially to the Marine infrastructure, shipping, and logistics industries. We are a net exporting nation, generating yearly exports of around $195 billion and importing around $187 billion annually, making our ports, wharves, jetties, and other associated infrastructure critical to our nation’s continued development, prosperity, and growth.

Vertech Group is aware that properly managed marine infrastructure can benefit Australian businesses and the wider public but must be regularly inspected, maintained, and managed.

A Vertech-engineered deck with netting encapsulation installed on an LNG jetty by rope access tradesmen for fabric maintenance and inspection purposes.
Our principle services include:

Commercial Infrastructure

Effective and efficient infrastructure is vital to Australia’s future prosperity and sustainable economic growth. Properly delivered and resourced infrastructure construction projects underpin the nation’s economic prosperity, providing primary and secondary benefits to the Australian public.

As the Australian economy experiences sustained growth, demand for new and enhanced infrastructure will be at an unprecedented level over the coming decade. Whether the construction project relates to the transport, commercial, education, health, or government sector, our group utilises the latest technologies, a culture of innovation and an expert team to provide specialist services to support Tier 1 operators in delivering these national projects.

An IRATA rope access inspector is conducting steelwork and concrete inspections.
Our principle services include:

Civil Infrastructure

Civil infrastructure keeps our cities, towns, networks, and homes functioning, behaving together as a system that serves our community’s needs. Vertech Group provides specialist services to support the design, maintenance, and construction of natural and physically built environments such as buildings, bridges, water reservoirs, subdivisions, airports, tunnels, and dams.

The Vertech management team is inherently aware that properly delivered and resourced civil projects underpin the nation’s economic prosperity. Because of this, we focus on front-end planning, the very best people, and equipment to ensure a high-quality, safe, and efficient service for each project we undertake.

A rope access geotechnical and inspection team is conducting slope stabilisation, bridge inspection, concrete inspection, and repair.
Our principle services include:

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