A few of the Rope access trades team on the greenfield phase of INPEX LNG construction support project.

INPEX LNG Plant Construction & Support

INPEX engaged Vertech to construct the LNG at Bladin Point in Darwin. Providing multidisciplinary rope access, inspection, and craft personnel, we successfully supported the construction and commissioning of the plant, which has an excellent safety record.

Vertech has followed the asset through the OPEX cycle and now provides ongoing inspection, integrity, and maintenance services.

Twilight descends over the construction of the INPEX Ichthys facility. Towering cranes and scaffolding silhouettes against the dramatic sky, painted with orange, pink, and purple streaks from the setting sun. A labyrinth of steel structures reveals the complexity of the facility, highlighted by the warm glow of artificial lights. Foreground activity shows construction vehicles and equipment scattered throughout the site, indicating ongoing development. The scene captures the energy of industrial growth set against the backdrop of a vivid sky at dusk.

The Inpex liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant is a massive energy project located in the Ichthys field off the coast of Western Australia. The project was developed by Inpex Corporation, a Japanese company, and involves the construction of an LNG processing facility, offshore gas and condensate production wells, subsea pipelines, and an onshore pipeline.
Construction of the Inpex LNG plant began in 2012 and was completed in 2018, with the first shipment of LNG leaving the facility in October of that year. The project’s construction involved a vast array of engineering and logistical challenges, including the transportation of massive components from around the world, the installation of pipelines and subsea infrastructure in deep waters, and the construction of the onshore processing facility.

An aerial view of the INPEX ILNG Facility. The site is densely packed with storage tanks, piping, and steel structures, indicating a possible oil refinery or chemical plant. Large cylindrical tanks are prominent, with some under construction, evidenced by cranes and scaffolding. A natural water body borders the complex on one side and a green forested area on the other, contrasting industrial activity and natural landscapes. Roads and vehicles are visible, and a jetty extends into the calm blue waters, where a ship is docked. The sky is clear with a few scattered clouds.

The Inpex LNG plant has a capacity of 8.9 million tons per year and is one of the most significant LNG projects in the world. The facility processes natural gas and condensate from the Ichthys field, estimated to contain approximately 12.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 500 million barrels of condensate.

The Inpex LNG project is considered to be an engineering feat, demonstrating the capabilities of modern engineering and construction technologies in delivering large-scale energy projects in challenging environments.

Services Provided:
  • Project management and Project support.
  • Integrated Activity Planning.
  • Rope Access Confined Space Rescue Services.
  • Rope Access Mechanical fitting.
  • Rope Access Electrical and EEHA.
  • Rope Access Non-destructive Testing (NDT).
  • Removal of module shipping steel.
  • Supporting pressure testing & QA/QC.

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The vertech team poses a photo in front of the INPEX LNG plant.