An IRATA rope access team using a deck system as a work position platform on the KGP Birth 3 project.

KGP LNG Berth 1 & 3 Inspection Campaigns

Vertech was engaged in completing a 100% structural inspection survey of an LNG loading jetty using specialist access systems. The inspection campaign included an initial GVI screening of the structural members and a CVI/NDT inspection. The data collected was used to construct a targeted advanced NDT inspection scope, which Vertech executed utilising Phased Array (wheel probe), LYFT (PEC), and TOFD corrosion mapping.

On the successful assessment of the structure, Woodside engaged Vertech over a 6-month marine lifting campaign to carry out scopes that formed part of the life extension of both Berths. Significant planning, work packaging, procurement and project management were required in the lead up to the remediation phases of the campaign, which ultimately led to a safe and successful specialist maintenance project.

Berth 1 & 3 Scope Summary:

The scope of work was broken into two phases: early works and main works. Vertech proposed and implemented alternative access and rope access systems, including Web decking, Engineered decking and encapsulation systems deployed by IRATA Rope access riggers and trades personnel to complete the work effectively without impacting access for vessels to the LNG berths. The project was a great success, saving millions of dollars compared to other methodologies and historical approaches that reset the norms for these activities on-site.

The Vertech-engineered decking system is fully encapsulated on the LNG Loading berth.
Early Works:
  • Core drilling and anchor setting over the side via Rope Access in preparation for installation of new Rope Rails on Berth 3 LPG jetty on 6 dolphins
  • Soft Bolting Campaign and replace of anchors in preparation for removal/replacement of Rope Rails and fenders on Berth 3 LPG jetty as well as Soft Bolting Campaign of fenders on Berth 1 LNG jetty in tidal affected zones via rope access techniques
  • 3D laser scanning of existing fender bolt patterns to verify newly fabricated fenders would be fit for purpose via rope access techniques.
A Vertech IRATA Rope access Tradesman conducting core drilling via overwater rope access.
Main Works:
  • Rigging Support to primary mechanical IC for stabilising loading arms and preparing for lift ahead of replacement of loading arms via the Jack-Up Barge on Berth 1 & 3.
  • Confined Space Entry into existing base risers in between old/new loading arm installation to conduct NDT and surface remediation of base riser internals using Rope Access Techniques for access.
  • Rigging Support to Jack-Up Barge during heavy lifts replacing Loading Arms on Berth 1 & 3.
  • Full mechanical implementation contractor for removal of old rope rails via Jack-Up Barge. Including: Oxy-propane cutting of old rope rails, rigging support during lifting of old rope rails, Site drilling for new Rope
A Vertech IRATA Rope access Tradesman conducting core drilling via overwater rope access.
  • Rails, Concrete and steel remediation of existing dolphin mounting surfaces, Replacement/Installation of new emergency ladders on 4 x dolphins, involving interface with diving IC in tidal zones
  • Full mechanical implementation contractor for removal/replacement of fenders via Jack up Barge. Including rigging Support to Jack Up Barge for Heavy lifts removing/installing fenders (lifts 15t and above)
  • Installation of tie back rigging, Concrete and steel remediation of existing dolphin mounting surfaces, Hy-Torquing of new fender fixings via Rope Access techniques and Interfacing with diving contractor in tidal affected zones

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A vertech rope access technician looking off to the right while installing the encapsulation system.
KGP LNG Berth 1 & 3 Inspection Campaigns Case Study
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