CPF Riser Protection Netting

A twelve-man IRATA rope access trades and inspection crew safely completed one of the most challenging, photo-worthy access scopes of 2021 on the Ichthys Central processing facility (CPF).

With topsides weighing around 78 thousand tonnes gross and a deck size of 130 metres by 120 metres, the Ichthys Explorer CPF is the world’s largest semi-submersible production platform – and the first in Australian waters.

The Riser Protection netting on the facility is critical in protecting the risers. the netting is made with Dyneema rope covered in a thick polyurethane coating; that can withstand over 800 tonnes of force. Vertech’s Rope Access team were engaged to assess, plan, and execute the Riser Protection Netting repair of known areas where the vertical rope segments dislodged from their moulds. The Vertech offshore team had practiced the repair method prior to mobilisation to refine the technique

Accessing the work area was a major challenge, as much of the netting was below the lower deck, with limited rigging points to work from and just above the waterline. The use of Skylotec Power Descenders on this scope was a significant advantage, allowing the team to complete the work on long lengths of rope quickly and safely by avoiding any effects of Fatigue from ascending long sections of rope.

An overhead view of the tension netting being installed.

The scope’s success was down to the handpicked Vertech Crew, Pre-mob planning and communication, project awareness and training, and the safety Culture the team had shown offshore.

Fun Facts:
  • 12 Multiskilled IRATA tradesman and riggers were deployed.
  • 5.3Km of rope was used in the execution.
  • Specialist Power Ascenders were used for speed and efficiency.
  • V-Deck platforms were utilised.
  • 60 tubes of Sikaflex were used.
  • A perfect HSE and environmental record.

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A vertech IRATA Rope Access Technician hangs suspended from hopes on the side of a CPF.
CPF Riser Protection Netting Case Study
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