A Marine class accredited inspection with a mini ROV of an FPSO Ballast Tank on an offshore FPSO.

ROV Ballast Tank Inspection

Vertech performed unmanned ROV ballast tank inspections on an offshore FPSO. We completed all 14 ballast tanks in a 3-week campaign, satisfying the class society and client, saving them several months of additional work. This innovative Asset-deployed ROV service removes the need for ballasting, isolation, initial entries, and human intervention, driving significant cost, time, and resource reductions while improving safety by removing confined space entry.

Our group company, Geo Oceans, is a specialist provider of ROV and mini-inspection services, developing asset-deployed ROV technology to provide clients with reliable, safe, and cost-effective alternatives to traditional manned inspection, commercial diving, or work-class ROV inspection services.

Geo Oceans regularly use this cutting-edge technology to complete Lloyds Register (LR), Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau Shipping (ABS) and Det Norse Veritas (DNV) marine class scopes using facility deployed inspection systems for many of the largest oil and gas operators.

Water Ballast and COT Tanks

A VLBV Mini ROV with the CSS marine inspection tooling is mounted to conduct ballast tank inspections on an FPSO.

Utilising advanced ROV inspection technologies and CVI methods, we conduct tank inspections with attending Class surveyors to meet the specific Class requirements of each asset.

Thickness Measurement location sketches can be provided detailing the areas of the test for each structure requiring ultrasonic thickness measurements (UTM). All UTM readings are recorded on the relevant systems by the requirements of the Classification Society. All UTM readings and wastage allowances are automatically calculated in the TM template.

Drawing on our extensive and successful track record in Ballast and Cot tank inspections and ongoing maintenance works, Geo Oceans uses our specialised suite of data and document management tools to support project delivery through every stage of the project management lifecycle.

To see some examples of Geo Oceans Marine class, click here.

The Benefits of Our Asset Deployed ROV Inspection System Include:

A Digital twin of an FPSO stiffener’s corrosion build from Mini ROV photogrammetry.
  • Eliminates the need for support vessels
  • Rapid and low-cost mobilization by air freight anywhere in the world
  • Subsea conventional and advanced NDT
  • Specialist cleaning capability for hulls, chains, risers, and water ballast tanks
  • Removes the need for divers and dive support vessels
  • Eliminates manned entry into confined spaces
  • Zero or reduced downtime - optimizing operating limits
  • No requirement to dewater ballast tanks
  • Improved data quality and repeatability with HD video and other data recorded in Digital Edge System
  • Significant reduction in carbon emissions


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An ROV is inspecting a tank wall.
ROV Ballast Tank Inspection Case Study
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