Energy is one of the most basic requirements in today’s world, and our dependence on electrical energy continues to grow yearly. Through advancements in technology and our enhanced understanding of our impact on the planet, there is a global movement towards renewable energy resources to reduce our environmental impact and make our energy consumption sustainable.

Vertech group is passionate about being at the forefront of this global movement towards a sustainable future and supporting the construction, maintenance and ongoing inspection of the renewable energy sources of the future.

The Vertech Group includes Abseil Access in New Zealand, whose service lines support projects across hydroelectric plants, geothermal plants, and biomass plants. Our specialist wind turbine company, REMO Technical Services, specialises in turbine installation, turbine maintenance, and turbine inspection. AUAV are based across Australia, the USA, and the UK and deliver UAV, terrestrial surveying, and 3D special digital twins. When combined with Vertech’s inspection, RDVI robotics, and NDT capabilities, we can offer an unparalleled capability to the Asia Pacific renewables sector.

Wind Energy & Turbines

Wind energy is now critical in Australia’s transition to renewable energy sources. The growth of wind energy is supported by Australia’s varied landscapes and facilitated by supportive government policies and initiatives prioritising renewable energy projects. Technological advancements and economies of scale have made wind energy economically viable, attracting domestic and international investments to propel the sector’s expansion further.

As wind capacity increases, it significantly diversifies the energy mix, enhances grid stability and reliability, and aligns with Australia’s renewable energy targets and global climate commitments. The importance and growth of wind energy in Australia signify a profound shift towards a cleaner, greener future, characterised by a balanced and diversified energy portfolio.

Vertech works closely with Group company, Remo, in delivering turbine construction, maintenance, repair, major component replacement and decommissioning. Remo are experts in proving turnkey solutions to clients seeking turbine remediation and support.

Remo’s expertise are further enhanced by the inspection services offered by AUAV, Geo Oceans and Blue Ocean Marine Services.



Hydroelectric energy is a form of renewable energy that uses the power of moving water to generate electricity. Having been a part of our country’s energy system for over 100 years, Hydroelectric power has grown in Australia with significant projects such as Snowy Mountains Hydro. It already provides more than half of New Zealand’s electricity needs.

Our Group company, Abseil Access, has completed projects for customers, including Trustpower at the Kaimai, Wheao and Cobb Hydroelectric Power Stations, Meridian Energy’s Manapouri underground hydroelectric Power Station and numerous others. This clean and reliable energy source enhances grid stability and facilitates integration with other renewables, supporting the region’s transition to a more sustainable energy future.


  • Coatings and Corrosion Survey.
  • Penstock Cathodic Protection Inspection.
  • Concrete Condition Survey & Core Sampling.
  • Sacrificial Anodes Inspection & Replacement.
  • Welding and Mechanical Repairs.
  • Specialist Access and Rope Access.
  • Confined Space Entry (CSE) & Management.
  • CSE & WAH Rescue Planning & Rescue Teams.
  • Advanced & Conventional NDT.
  • Drone / UAV Surveying.


Investment in large grid-scale solar plants has boomed over the past decade. AUAV has been providing topographical land surveys to developers and monitoring assets. Drone survey and inspection services have been demonstrated to assist with developing and maintaining solar energy developments.

Our services enable efficient design and regular predictive maintenance check-ups. We have the best available technology and partner with the global leader in PV thermography to provide analysis and reporting. Our employees operate across Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK.

  • Due diligence data capture for asset sales.
  • 3D GIS Digital Twins & Photogrammetry.
  • Solar Pre-development Topographical Survey.
  • Solar farm thermographic defect monitoring.
  • Transmission line corridor survey and inspection.
  • Substation inspection.
  • Construction monitoring and aerial timelapse.
  • Specialist Labour Supply through Remo.

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