Woodside Burrup Peninsula shutdown with RDVI being used to inspect pressure vessels

Woodside Barrup Peninsula TA

This Woodside turnaround included our standard, RDVI review, and equipment analysis to determine the suitability and select suitable inspection systems. Vertech’s experienced operators deployed various of our robotic systems into complex pressure vessels. In doing so, they surpassed the expectations of the automated equipment’s own OEM on what was achievable by their product.

The chosen assessment and execution methods obtained more coverage within these vessels, reduced resource use, and saved time, not to mention the obvious removal of manned entry.

RDVI Site execution

Two vertech IRATA Rope Access technicians were suspended from supporting beams for inspections at the KGP Facility.

The Vertech RDVI team has over 60 years of specific RDVI experience, gathered from various industries, including Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, and Power Generation worldwide.
Our complete remote visual inspection services and industry-leading equipment spreads ensure our clients’ inspections are completed with the highest level of integrity and are repeatable for future comparative purposes. Vertech technicians bring a wealth of experience to the table that helps get first-class results efficiently without compromising data reliability.

To find out more about our RDVI services, check out our RDVI Services page here

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A vertech technician suspended from a supporting beam on an industrial jetty.