A rope access Marine class inspector conducting a Special Survey 8 inspection as part of a class inspection cycle on an offshore FPSO

Special Survey No. 8

Vertech were contracted to provide a turn-key package to complete the Ningaloo Vision Special Survey 8. The scope entailed all project management, survey planning, scope and work pack development, and the full special survey and NDT delivery in a compressed schedule.

The team proudly achieved or exceeded all key performance indicators and delivered the special periodic survey to our customers.

The Challenge

The Ningaloo Vision FPSO has two longitudinal bulkheads (Port & Stbd), one central swash bulkhead, and ten transverse bulkheads. Seventeen segregated ballast tanks (incl. FPT & APT), six cargo tanks, one void space (with turret moon-pool), two slop tanks, two pump rooms, and the engine room comprise the vessel tanks/compartments.

All water ballast tanks are 100% coated and equipped with sacrificial anodes. Cargo Oil tanks are only coated in the upper and lower regions and are also equipped with sacrificial anodes. The outer hull envelope is 100% coated.

Under their five-year survey cycle, Ningaloo Vision required a new special survey 8 to be completed by Vertech Group.

The Solution

Vertech Group performed Ballast Tank ROV inspections and Spot Ultrasonic Thickness measurements on exposed decks, tanks, void spaces, and the vessel’s external hull as the attending LR surveyor directed.

These inspections gathered critical data for showcasing in Ningaloo Vision’s survey while adhering to IRATA standards, thanks to our IRATA-certified workers.

Two vertech technicians walk across the decking of the Ningaloo vision FPSO.
  • Project Management and Engineering;
  • Procurement and provision of any installation aids as required;
  • All logistics, including receipt, storage and forwarding to QE
  • HAZID workshops;
  • Attendance at Survey planning meeting(s) with LR at various stages of the Project as required, and preparation of Survey Plan for LR approval;
  • Prepare and supply 24hr progress reports and field reports at the conclusion of each tank or survey section;
  • Provision of LR approval Ultrasonic testing and visual inspection services.
  • Provision of NATA accredited MPI, ECI, Weld inspection, PA and other NDT methods as required
Two vertech technicians stand on a large mechanism within the Ningaloo vision FPSO.
  • Provision of In-water LR approved ROV class inspectors for visual inspection, and ultrasonic inspection and testing
  • Provision of all Project Equipment including ROV, NDT, Consumables, rescue equipment etc;
  • Provision of planning documentation including the contract execution plan and schedule and any additional documentation / plans required by Classification society (LR) in relation to the Scope
  • Provision of all documentation to support the Works including Survey Plan, Work Packs,
  • Thickness Measurement Reports in LR approved format, Survey Reports in LR approved format,
  • Confined Space Entry Procedure, Emergency Response Plan (ERP), Close Out Reports,
  • Inspection Report and Manufacturer's Data Report (MDR), as required;
  • Provide multidiscipline crews, i.e. rope access NDT, Class approved inspector and ROV In order to minimise delays due to weather, the ROV scopes for the Hull IWS was scheduled to occur in conjunction the rope access crew tank entries or deck UT to minimise any down time

Client Feedback

Q On a scale of 0 (did not meet expectations) to 10 (exceeded expectations) please rate the overall performance and level of competence of the Vertech Project Team as a whole.

A “10 out of 10”


Q On a scale of 0 (did not meet objectives) to 10 (exceeded objectives) please rate how well the objectives were met for this project.

A “10 out of 10”


On a scale of 0 (did not meet expectations) to 10 (exceeded expectations) please rate the HSE performance of the project team.

A “10 out of 10”


Q Please provide any additional feedback on project communication

A “The Project manager is very approachable, and I feel we have a good relationship with open communications.”

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A vertech technician is all smiles as they emerge from a confined access point on the Ningaloo vision FPSO.
Special Survey No. 8 Case Study
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