A rope access technician working above the water on an FPSO Riser turret mooring (RTM) offshore

RTM Decommissioning

Vertech was contracted to assist with decommissioning a Riser Turret Mooring (RTM) from a disconnected FPSO. The project required detailed front-end planning to access the structure, survey it using Remote Digital Visual Inspection (RDVI), and use NDT to confirm the integrity of the RTM’s internal watertight systems.


We delivered the project safely and under budget, and the acquired inspection results were crucial in the overall marine program assessment and decommissioning assessments.

What is an RTM?

The Okha FPSO RTM project where vertech provided rope access, confined space entry, conventional and advanced NDT inspection, as well as project management and wrap repairs as part of a life extension project

A riser turret mooring is an offshore mooring system used to connect a floating production platform to subsea pipelines or wells. The system is typically used in deepwater locations where the water depth is too great for conventional mooring systems.

The riser turret mooring consists of a cylindrical tower, called a turret, mounted on the floating platform’s deck or FPSO. The turret is designed to rotate around a vertical axis and is connected to the platform by a bearings system.
The riser turret mooring system allows the platform to rotate around the turret, minimising the loads on the mooring lines and reducing the risk of fatigue damage. The system also allows the platform to weathervane, which means it can align itself with the prevailing wind and current direction, reducing the loads on the mooring lines.

Overall, the riser turret mooring is a reliable and efficient system widely used in offshore oil and gas.

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