The underside of the Ichthys venturer FPSO.

Ichthys Venturer FPSO ROV UWILD

Geo Oceans successfully performed a water survey on board the INPEX Ichthys Venturer FPSO to meet the independent verification bodies’ classification requirements. Over multiple campaigns aligned with INPEX project planning, the team achieved efficient project delivery with minimal impact on the FPSO operations.

Experienced and multi-skilled personnel were mobilised to the FPSO over multiple campaigns, allowing efficient project planning for the ongoing FPSO operations. Geo Oceans provided full redundancy across all the campaigns. We planned operations around favourable tidal windows to ensure each project scope was completed on time and within safe allowable limits. Emerging scopes such as debris removal and NDT on key asset elements were performed to help mitigate the risk to the asset.

The Challenge

Deploying the ROV at multiple locations across the asset, including confined spaces and around sensitive equipment, meant that our planning, risk assessment and hazard controls had to go through a rigorous and thorough process. The safety of our personnel, the equipment and the assets are always at the forefront of our operations.

The Solution

Engagement with INPEX and their continual movement for improvement made this project an efficient and reliable solution to meet the DNV Classification criteria of the independent verification body. This project presented a big cost saving to the client by removing work class ROVs or commercial divers to complete the works. Working with INPEX’s challenges allowed Geo Oceans to develop advanced tooling and further strengthen our capabilities for asset-deployed ROV operations.


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An underwater image showcasing a section of the INPEX FPSO vessel, heavily encrusted with marine organisms, depicting severe biofouling. The central focus is a large flange connection coated with rust and various sea life, including barnacles and algae. The vibrant red anti-fouling paint is still visible beneath patches of marine growth. The image data displays a date stamp of 29/06/2022, a depth of 16.0m, and a heading of 61.1 degrees. The water appears a deep blue, indicating the depth at which the photo was taken.
Ichthys Venturer FPSO ROV UWILD Case Study
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