An IRATA multi disciplined NDT inspector conducting crane boom ultrasonic inspection and visual inspection as part of a wider lifting equipment and crane inspection campaing on an FPSO

FPSO Integrity & NDT

Between 2015 and 2020, Vertech implemented its full range of conventional and advanced NDT services, marine class,  in-service inspection (ISI), and robotic inspection services (RDVI) across three FPSOs, conducting over 30,000 accredited inspections. During the contract, we completed all facility statutory inspections of pressure equipment, FPSO hulls, cranes, lifting gear, and structures as part of our major services agreement with Woodside Energy.

In-Service Inspection Services

A Non-destructive testing inspector is conducting ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing.

Vertech assisted our client to manage their asset integrity by applying best practice engineering principles to develop bespoke solutions. From high-level strategies through to detailed engineering analysis, inspection planning and implementation. Our practical scope of works included inspecting the process and utility piping, including valves and fittings, pressure vessels, columns, serially produced vessels (gas cylinders, accumulators), heat exchangers and atmospheric and low-pressure storage tanks.

  • (AS/NZS 3788) Pressure vessel Inspection
  • Pressure piping inspection
  • Utility piping inspection
  • Integrity Engineering Services
  • Unmanned RDVI Inspections
  • Unmanned UAV inspections or structures
A Vertech IRATA rope access marine class inspector conducting tank inspections and NDT on an FPSO offshore.

For specialist requirements or as part of the wider topside risk-based inspection program Vertech utilised a suite of specialised inspection systems and methods across the assets. At this time our now sister company Sonomatic provided support to these applications as a sub-contractor. These services included:

  • Semi and Automated Ultrasonic Testing
  • Time of Flight Diffraction
  • Phased Array Corrosion Mapping
  • Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM)
  • Multi-Skip Inspection
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Marine & Class Inspections

A sonomatic subsea, automated corrosion mapping system deployed by a Mini ROV on an FPSO riser turret mooring.

Our Marine class and mini ROV services were utilised across all three Woodside FPSO’s to complete complex campaign and compliance inspections to Lloyd’s register (LR) and American Bureau of shipping (ABS) classification requirements. Our dedicated marine class integrity and inspection team delivered scopes including:

  • Class approved repair plans
  • Comprehensive survey planning
  • 360° interactive mapping surveys
  • Anomaly tracking
  • Work pack generation
  • Confined space entry management
  • Rope access inspection
  • Non-Destructive testing (UT, MPI, ECI, DPI)
  • Pre-Docking surveys
  • Baseline inspection surveys
  • Special survey management & implementation
  • Crop and renew surveys
  • RBI driven class inspection


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A vertech IRATA rope access technician is carrying out NDT on a support beam onboard an FPSO.