Beach Energy Otway 2020 Turnaround Planning & Execution.

Beach Energy Otway 2020 Turnaround Planning & Execution

This was one of Beach Energy Australia’s earliest ventures into using dedicated and specialised remote digital visual inspection equipment throughout a turnaround period. The project’s scope included a detailed review of vessels suitable for RDVI and what other areas of opportunity could be identified within the planning phase to help Beach Energy Reduce its CSE requirements. On-site delivery was a key aspect of the service provided to Beach Energy, and it consisted of a single three-person, self-sufficient, high-performing team.

During the campaign, the team’s nature, drive, and passion allowed Beach Energy to identify further mitigation areas for CSE and help other parts of the turnaround with their scopes. Due to this, Vertech saw a 50% increase in planned activities for the campaign as the RDVI technique proved its efficiency and value to other departments of Beach Energy.

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Two vertech RDVI technicians controlling a crawler robotic via an electronic case with a screen.