Abseil Access celebrates 27 years as an industry leader in safe and effective geotechnical work; bridge design, build and maintenance; explosive and blasting services, and conservation projects.

Abseil Access were the first responders to the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake in New Zealand which drew upon their full range of geotechnical expertise in engineering, explosives, drilling, scaling, netting; using helicopters and roped access to get to the work front. Other recent projects include the design and construction of 53 unique bridges across the country, as well as being engaged to use their explosive expertise to demolish New Zealand’s second tallest structure.

In addition to the energy, government, and civil sectors that Abseil Access operates in, the team are also passionate conservationists. Our crew work extremely hard to protect New Zealand’s indigenous animals and plant life, working closely with local and national environmental agencies.

Geotechnical & Explosives

  • Drilling, blasting & demolition
  • Rockfall netting design & installation
  • Shotcrete & rockface stabilisation
  • Geotechnical inspection & survey

Bridge & Infrastructure IRM

  • Concrete remediation & repair
  • Bridge design and construction

Environmental Services

  • Rare species identification & relocation
  • Weed eradication